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Mode of Payment

Payments and Reimbursements 

Payments and deposits aren't handled by, we have a tendency to area unit simply a connecting platform which might be employed by customers to look at an oversized variety of listings and decisions. won't be to blame for any refund or settlements that has to be finished the seller. 

Security Deposit

Security Deposit in most cases are a regular Rs. 5,000 that is needed to be paid at the side of the whole rental quantity ahead at the time of pickup. but just in case there area unit any specific needs of the seller, constant are mentioned at the time of checkout. As a regular policy Associate in Nursingy client unable to produce an worker id proof can need to submit a signed blank check for the period of the booking rather than the protection deposit quantity.

Taxes and Road Expenses.

All Taxes area unit enclosed within the costs mentioned. Any road breakdowns or mechanical insufficiencies associated with the automotive have to be compelled to be told to the contact of the seller provided within the confirmation email and text message. All expenses associated with the advance are reimbersed provided that the matter had been sophisticated. Any repairs or modifications created to the automotive won't solely be non-reimbersible however may additionally cause penalties supported the vendor's discretion