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Refund and cancellation policy

Fuel Charges

Fuel charges in most cases aren't enclosed within the rental charges and wishes to be borne by the client. just in case there area unit offers that embody fuel expenditures it'll be mentioned.


The period that the rent is charged is either mention expressly or is calculated on the idea of the amount that the booking request is being processed.


1. Bookings may be off by Booking Order History and mentioning the booking details.
2. just in case of cancellation before 1 Hrs of booking (start time), a set quantity of Rs.500 are subtracted from the advance. the remainder of the advanced are transferred back to your account by the seller.
3. just in case of cancellation at intervals 1 Hrs of booking (start time), Associate in Nursing quantity up to one day's rental for the booking are subtracted upto a most of Rs. 1000.

Booking Extension

1. to increase your booking please decision our car agent which might be provided solely on the idea of convenience.
2. just in case the request is formed before the beginning of the booking, supported the supply the booking is also extendible with none further charges.
3. just in case the request is formed throughout the booking, supported the supply the booking is also extendible but two hundredth over the rental charges are levied.

Speed Limit

The ordinance is Nill Km/h that is about considering the security of the passengers and also the Car.

Payments and Reimbursements

Payments and deposits aren't handled by, we have a tendency to area unit simply a connecting platform which might be employed by customers to look at an oversized variety of listings and decisions. won't be to blame for any refund or settlements that has to be finished the seller.

Cleanliness and Maintenance can encourage vendors at hand over automotives to customers in a very clean condition and it's expected that the car are came back within the same condition.
Use of conduction gum, tobacco or any tobacco primarily based product within the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Users are penalised just in case ash,spit marks or remains of manduction gum area unit detected within the vehicle at the time once possession of the vehicle is came back. Burning of any substance within the vehicle is strictly prohibited. this can be not restricted to however includes cigarettes, incense sticks or any kind of medication/drugs. Fee charged for deterioration of the condition of the automotive are supported the policies of the several merchant. Consumption and/or use of any outlaw substance within the Car can lead to a penalty of Rs. 5,000.Use of any substances prohibited for hygene functions will lead to a penalty ranging from Rs.300.

Damages won't be to blame for any charges borne attributable to damages created to the Car. Any charges incurred attributable to any damages caused throughout the booking can need to be borne by the client or must be settled with the seller. it's sensible that for proof, the client keeps images of the Car at the beginning of the trip to require into consideration any existing dents or scratches.